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GRIP, Guiding Rage Into Power, in conversation at SF Insight
2023-05-21 GRIP, Guiding Rage Into Power, in conversation at SF Insight 1:32:19
Nina Gold
Join Bernard Moss, Tommy Shakur Ross and Nina Gold for an evening introduction to the GRIP-Training Institute. GRIP, “Guiding Rage Into Power”, is a year long program of personal transformation, healing and accountability offered in the California State prisons. It is rooted in restorative justice principals, with the understanding that “hurt people, hurt people and healed people, heal people." This program began as a basic insight meditation program at San Quentin Prison some 25 years ago. Through real time experience and evidence based methodology, under the guidance of Jacques Verduin, the program evolved into a deep and comprehensive journey where the participants are able to understand their past traumas and transform their violent behavior. The program is guided by the principles of Stopping Violent Actions, Cultivating Mindfulness, Developing Emotional Intelligence and Understanding Victim Impact. To donate to GRIP, please go here:
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